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Creature Feature
My First Can Of Worms

Creepy Storyboard #1

        It was a dark and starry night, shadow's danced on the walls of the house it was silent. The Crabb family where deep asleep in their beds. All of a sudden there was a scream, the youngest daughter came running down the stairs holding her teddy bear tight. Kristy cried out,  "Mommy, there's a monster under my bed!"  Mom came running downstairs to see what was wrong. "Kristy not tonight I need my sleep I go to work in the morning sweaty."  Kristy sobbed with tears rolling down her cheeks. "But mommy I did see a monster it had red eye's and giant teeth, it growled at me."  Mom, "That's enough Kristy Lee Crabb you get back into bed, I will come there to check on you later." Dad came down in his blue pajama pants and white Tshirt. "What's this all about now?" Kristy, "Daddy I saw a monster under my bed he had red eye's and giant teeth." Dad, "Oh Kristy come on I will take you back to your bed, your mother needs rest she has a big day tomorrow. Come on sweaty." he picks Kristy up in his arms. Kristy always felt safe in her daddy's arms she hugged him.

      As Kristy was falling asleep, there came a low growl under her covers. But now all she can hear is her own breathing and her heart beating faster. The covers began to raze up over her head at the foot of her bed, the growls got louder and deeper. Then the monster grabs Kristy by her feet and pulls her under the covers. Kristy's screams are muffled as she disappeared into the darkness. When the family woke the next day Kristy was no where to be found expect her teddy bear lying on the floor by her bed.


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